Upcoming European Parliament’s report paves the way for new thinking on ECB policies

The European Parliament passed a preliminary version of its annual report on the European Central Bank, which includes a number of criticisms and proposals that the QE for People campaign has been making.

From talk to action: 7 top central banks are taking on climate change

In contrast to the European Central Bank's conservatism, central banks in emerging and developing countries are far more innovative when it comes to supporting financial policies to mitigate climate change.

Italian MEPs challenge the ECB’s corporate bond buying logic

Echoing a series of critics by NGOs and academics, a group of 24 Italian MEPs are questioning the European Central Bank’s purchase of bonds from the gambling multinational Novomatic under its quantitative easing programme.



The scale of Quantitative Easing does not matter – it’s how you use it

Today the ECB has finally announced a reduction of its QE programme for 2018. Now it’s time to talk about how to improve its quality.

Burning questions for the ECB

On Thursday 26th October, the European Central Bank is holding its Governing Council meeting. This meeting will be closely watched by many, as important changes to the quantitative easing programme are expected to be announced.

ECB admits possible role in climate change but doesn’t put words into action

For the first time, the ECB president Mario Draghi acknowledged that the ECB could play a role in combatting climate change. Yet, the ECB announced no significant steps to contribute to its goals.

New report: Central banks, climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy

Central banks have the power to tackle the urgent problem of climate change. It’s time for policymakers to seize the opportunity of using them to help the green transition, write Josh Ryan-Collins and Frank van Lerven from the New Economics Foundation in their latest report.

Central banks should contribute to tackling climate change

The High-level Expert Group's consultation on its sustainable finance report provides an important opportunity for citizens and organisations to urge the group to explore the possible role of the European Central Bank in the fight against climate change.

ECB concedes marginal improvements on transparency of quantitative easing

The European Central Bank’s minor improvements to the transparency policy of its corporate bond purchase programme fails to address our main demand.

Coordination with European Investment Bank would make ECB policies more effective

A recent report by the European Economic and Social Committee questions the effectiveness of the ECB’s monetary policy for the real economy, and argues the ECB should work more closely with the European Investment Bank.