New study confirms climate impact of quantitative easing

New research by the Grantham Research Institute confirms our criticism against the European Central Bank's quantitative easing programme and calls for serious reconsideration of the ECB’s strategy.

Unprecedented coalition of MEPs against the ECB's lack of transparency

By refusing to commit for more transparency on the ECB's 83 billion euros corporate sector purchase programme, Mario Draghi provoked more discontent from EU policymakers.

ECB survey reveals major flaw with Quantitative Easing

The ECB’s own research reveals a major failure in its quantitative easing strategy: it does not address companies’ most pressing issue: the lack of demand.

We are hiring: Campaign and communications assistant

We are hiring Campaign and communications assistant who can help us increase our outreach and influence by strengthening our engagement with stakeholders and supporters in order to implement larger activities with maximum impact.

Why the ECB should care about the inequality effect of QE

Yes, central banks should be concerned about the inequality effect of their own policies such as quantitative easing.

QE for Corporations: 15 MEPs call for transparency from the ECB

A cross-party group of Members of the European Parliament have co-signed a letter to Mario Draghi asking the European Central Bank to be more transparent about its purchasing of corporate bonds.

Event: Can we democratize money creation?

Fairfin and Positive Money are delighted to invite you to a conference and debate on the monetary system on June 29 in Brussels. The discussion will include a presentation of the QE for People campaign in Europe.

Quantitative Easing benefitted the richest, ECB shows

In its annual report, the European Central Bank has proved that its quantitative easing programme increased the wealth of the richest.

ECB subsidies for corporations: What French presidential candidates think about it

Four candidates to the French presidential election have expressed their agreement with our proposal to make the 'corporate QE' programme more transparent, and include social and environmental criteria in the selection of bonds.

QE for People and basic income: similarities and differences

Similarities between helicopter money and basic income have led to increasing confusion in the public debates around those two concepts. In an article published on the Basic Income Earth Network's website, our campaign coordinator Stan Jourdan aims to clarify how the two concepts overlap and yet, are two distinguished policy options.