Stop the ECB subsidising climate disaster, NGOs demand

70 European civil society organisations including Friends of the Earth and Corporate Europe Observatory call on the ECB to stop channeling more quantitative easing money towards polluting multinational corporations.

ECB should give money directly to citizens

Instead of injecting the equivalent of €2.2 trillion into financial markets, the ECB could have injected a quarter as much money and distributed €1,000 to all adult citizens in the eurozone.

Best of: QE for People's achievements in 2016

2016 was marked with a series of successes in challenging the ECB's strategy and bringing the discussion on monetary policy forward. Please find below 10 of the achievements we are most proud of.

Green MEPs urge the ECB to stop financing environmentally harmful multinationals

In an open letter to the European Central Bank's president Mario Draghi, Green MEPs urge the ECB to align its quantitative easing programme with the EU environmental global commitments.

ECB's corporate QE drives climate change, analysis reveals

The European Central Bank’s programme of ‘quantitative easing’ has seen over €46 billion of public funds invested in sectors including the oil, gas and car industries.

Time for the ECB to work on its post-QE strategy

After announcing a reduction of the scale, the ECB signaled that QE is not permanent anymore. Mario Draghi also hinted that making losses is not an issue for the ECB, thereby reducing intellectual doubts on the feasibility of other money creation proposals 

ECB confirms 'helicopter money' is legally feasible under conditions

In a public letter, Mario Draghi recognizes that making transfers directly to citizens is legally feasible if the design of such scheme is clearly within the monetary policy framework.

EU Parliament report shows unprecedented level of concern on ECB

Today the European Parliament has expressed an unprecedented level of concern about the European Central Bank’s increasingly risky monetary policies and recommends it redirect its QE programme towards investment to boost the economy.

54% of Europeans are in favour of ‘helicopter money’

Recent survey shows that a broad majority (54%) of the European population would support a direct injection of money from the ECB to citizens. Other findings highlight the many reasons why the measure is worth experimenting.

Report outlines how the ECB could use ‘helicopter money’ legally and independently

In its newest report, the campaign "QE for People" makes the case that the European Central Bank could legally and independently distribute money directly to all citizens as a way to quickly address the lack of demand in the economy.