Is Quantitative easing for People the worst idea ever? Hardly more than normal QE.

In a recent article, Ted Waller has suggested that ‘QE for People’ is the worst idea ever. In putting forward the opposing case, I present the misgivings in Waller’s analysis and show that QE for the People is an idea well worth pursuing. Instead, I suggest that there are worse ideas out there, like treating the cause of the last financial crisis (private debt) as the only possible solution.

Conference – QE for People: A rescue plan for the Eurozone?

The QE for People Campaign Coalition are pleased to invite you to this high level event hosted in the European Parliament to discuss alternatives to the current Quantitative Easing programme in the Eurozone.

European Parliament: Once again Mario Draghi is asked about ‘Helicopter Money’

The President of the European Central Bank was in Strasbourg last Monday to address the European Parliament’ plenary assembly. Once again Mario Draghi was asked to give his views on the possibility for helicopter money.

The Guardian: We print money to bail out banks. Why can’t we do it to solve climate change?

In a column on the Guardian, Matthias kroll (World Future Council) argues creating new money might be the only way to meet the financial challenge of solving climate change.

La Tribune: Will the ECB dare use its helicopter?

In the French newspaper La Tribune, journalist Romaric Godin explains the pros and cons of doing quantitative easing for the People.

Giving Money to People is The Only Way, Says French Bank's Chief Economist

A research briefing published by French bank Natixis details why Quantitative Easing does not work in the eurozone, and argues for distributing money directly to people instead.

65 Economists Call for QE for People in the Eurozone

While the European Central Bank is expected to announce more quantitative easing after its meeting today in Frankfurt, more than 65 economists have signed a statement of support for a new approach.

QE Has Failed in the Eurozone

Eight months have passed since the ECB started its own quantitative easing (QE) program, and almost everyone in Europe seems to agree with Mario Draghi that ‘QE has been a success’. But is such enthusiasm warranted? Let’s take a look at the data.

New campaign launches, calling on ECB's quantitative easing programme to "serve the people"

A coalition of eurozone campaigners, civil society organisations and economists is today calling on the European Central Bank (ECB) to radically change its approach to the current Quantitative Easing (QE) programme.

QE for People Also Makes Sense in Switzerland

Translation of the original German article on helicopter money by Michaël Malquarti, senior vice-president at Geneva-based SYZ Asset Management, published in German in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 16th of February 2015. An abbreviated version of the article was published in French in the Le Temps.