Everything You Need to know About QE for People

What is Quantitative Easing?

Quick and easy:

Video: The Economist explains: Quantitative easing. The Economist, 2015. (2min 31sec).

Video: Quantitative Easing explained - in 70 seconds. The BBC, 2015. (1min 11 sec).

Asset Purchase Programmes (Quantitative Easing)(2016). By the European Central Bank.

An ECB QE explainer (2015). By Karl Whelan.

What is Quantitative Easing? (2015). By the BBC.

5 Questions About Quantitative Easing: Will this Money Even Help? (2015). By Tim Chester.

The ECB’s Quantitative Easing Programme (2015). By James Meadway.


Advanced and comprehensive:

European Central Bank Quantitative Easing: The Detailed Manual (2015). By Gregory Claeys, Alvaro Leandro, and Allison Mandra.

Quantitative Easing in Europe What it is, why it is legal and how it works (2015). By Alessio M. Pacces René Repasi. 

Quantitative Easing Evolution of economic thinking as it happened on Vox (2015). Edited by Wouter J. Den Haan.

How QE Works and What Does This Mean for Asset Prices and Credit (2013). By Steve Keen.

The Visible Hand of the ECB’s Quantitative Easing (2015). By Diego Valiante.


Why QE does not work

Quick and easy:

Video: How to Waste £375 Billion? Positive Money, 2014. (6min 15sec).

The Case Against Eurozone QE (2014). By Frances Coppola.

Why QE in the Eurozone Is a Mistake (2015). By Richard Wood and Biaggio Bossone.



Video: Why Quantitative Easing has Failed the Eurozone. Frank van Lerven at European Parliament, 2016. (10min 35sec)

QE in the Eurozone: One year Assessment (2016), Frank van Lerven.


Alternative to QE Proposals

Quick and easy:

Combatting Eurozone Deflation – QE for People (2014). By John Muellbauer.

How to jumpstart the Eurozone economy (2014). By Francesco Giavazzi, Guido Tabellini.

Better ways to Boost Eurozone Economy and Employment (2015). Letter from 19 Economists.

Quantitative Easing for the People (2015). By Thomas Fazi.

Europe: The case for helicopter money or taxation changes? (2015). By Jan Mischke.

Print Money to Bail Out Banks. Why Cant we do it to Solve Climate Change (2016). By Matthias Kroll.

Thinking the Unthinkable: The Effects of a Money-Financed Fiscal Stimulus (2015). By Jordi Gali.

The Case for Helicopter Money (2014). By Martin Wolf.



Video: The Case for Monetary Finance. Adair Turner at IMF Conference, 2015 (21mn)

Recovery in the Eurozone: Using Money Creation to Stimulate the Real Economy (2015). By Frank van Lerven.

The Case for Monetary Finance – An Essentially Political Issue(2015). By Adair Turner.

The Simple Analytics of Helicopter Money: Why It Works – Always (2014). By Willem Buiter

From Zirp, Nirp, QE, and Helicopter Money to a Better Monetary System (2016). By Thomar Maye

Quantitative Easing With a Bite: A Proposal for Conditional Overt Monetary Financing of Public Investment(2015). By Andrew Watt

Helicopter money: The best policy to address high public debt and deflation(2014). By Thomas Fazi, Richard Wood, and Biagio Bossone.

Sovereign Money Creation – Paving the Way For a Sustainable Recovery(2013). By Andrew Jackson

Helicopter Money: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Love Fiscal-Monetary Cooperation. By Paul McCulley and Zoltan Pozsar.

Print Less but Transfer More: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People (2014). By Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth.

The Effects of a Money Financed Stimulus(2014). By Jordi Gali.

Financing energy and low-carbon investment: public guarantees and the ECB (2015). By Michel Aglietta and Étienne Espagne.

Green Money: Reclaiming Quantitative Easing(2015). By Victor Anderson.

Financing the Green Climate Fund (2015). By Matthias Kroll.

Strategic Quantitative Easing(2013). By Josh Ryan-Collins, Tony Greenham, Giovanni Bernardo, and Richard Werner.

Video: "People's QE" - Can it work? Steve Keen on the Keiser Report, 2015. (25min 45sec)